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We use electricity to produce lithium.




Direct Lithium Extraction
No carbon emissions. No toxic waste. No water loss.

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The Lithium Challenge

Li - The critical element for a clean future

Lithium is already ubiquitous, it is at the heart of the phones and computers we rely on day in and day out. As the world transitions to a renewables-powered future it will become even more important - powering our bikes, cars and even planes!

At ElectraLith, our mission is to sustain this transition by enabling cleaner, cheaper, and faster lithium production from all manner of feedstocks around the globe, including those that can't be economically processed today.

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Protecting fragile ecosystems

Lithium is often found in sensitive environments such as Chile's Salar de Atacama.

The unique geology of this area of the Andes has enabled lithium accumulation in geological aquifers. The brine extracted here constitutes a major global source of lithium.

The region is however one of the driest on earth. Incumbent processes for lithium production place a significant toll on local communities and ecosystems that they can scarcely afford.

Our low-impact, high-efficiency Direct Lithium Extraction technology promises to protect communities and ecosystems, and efficiently supporting the broader clean energy transition.

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